March 27, 2017 Cuttings and Tubers available

(out of stock)All cuttings are collected fresh or within the last month or two and stored in a refrigerator. Cuttings are dormant and unrooted. Scionwood is dormant. All plant material is limited and sold on a first come first served basis.

Fig cuttings (3/$10)
Brown Turkey (out of stock)
Black Spanish (out of stock)
Negronne (out of stock)
Desert King
Green Ischia

Fig cuttings (2/$10)
Takoma Violet (out of stock)
O’Rourke (out of stock)
Emerald Strawberry (out of stock)
Kadota (out of stock)
Paradiso (out of stock)
Blanquette (out of stock)
Excel (out of stock)
Strawberry Verte (out of stock)
Santa Cruz White (out of stock)
Mary Lane Seedless (out of stock)
Sal’s Coreleone (out of stock)

Elderberry cuttings
($2/per – 3 minimum per variety)
Haschberg (out of stock)
Adams (out of stock)

Currant cuttings
($2/per – 3 minimum per variety)


Red Lake (out of stock)


DTV (Dreamtime Village unknown) (out of stock)
Boskoop Giant (out of stock)
Chernaya Lisovenko (out of stock)
Willoughby (out of stock)

Jostaberry (currant / gooseberry cross)

Hybrid Cold Hardy grapes
($2/cutting – 3 minimum per variety, 10 cuttings or more – $1.50)

-Blue grapes

St Croix

-White grapes

St Pepin
Prairie Star
Frontenac Gris
Kay Gray

-Table grapes

Somerset Seedless

Hardy Kiwis
($2/cutting – 3 minimum per variety)

-Arguta female (out of stock)
Kickapoo (out of stock)
Geneva II (out of stock)
Ananasnaya (out of stock)

-Arguta male
74-32 (out of stock)

-Kolomikta female (out of stock)
September (out of stock)
Krupnoplodnaja (out of stock)
Aromatonaya (out of stock)

-Kolomikta male
Arctic Beauty (out of stock)

($1/cutting 5 minimum per variety)

Curly willow
Biomass willow
Silky willow
Shining willow
Pussy willow
Peachleaf willow
Arctic Blue willow

($2/cutting – minimum of 3 cuttings per variety)

•Illinois Everbearing mulberry
•Whitney crabapple

Barland (out of stock)
Hendre Huffcap (out of stock)

Bartlett (out of stock)
Kieffer (out of stock)
Ayers (out of stock)
Clara Frijs (out of stock)

TUBERS / ROOTS (Dug Fresh)

Groundnut (Apios Americana)
1/4 lb – $12
1/2 lb – $20
1 lb – $32

Jerusalem Artichoke
1/2 lb – $8
1 lb – $12
2 lb $18

Russian Comfrey (Does not spread by seed)
1/2 lb – $10
1 lb – $16
2 lb – $26


MINIMUM ORDER IS $10. Contact me at and I will confirm that I have what you want in stock. Preferred payment is via PayPal.I will generate a PayPal invoice to your PayPal address and you can then pay.  If you would like to pay with check, I will generate an invoice and you can mail me a check.  If there is more than a week delay in receiving payment, I cannot guarantee that I still have your order in stock and should that occur I will contact you to discuss options.
All orders are sent USPS Priority Mail to insure that there is no delay in receiving your order.  For a very large order it is possible that I would use UPS.

2 thoughts on “March 27, 2017 Cuttings and Tubers available

  1. I would like to get 25 of the siberian C peach seeds if you still have them available. I am in alberta,canada

  2. Don’t know if I ever answered you but I do not ship to Canada. If you can find an American address to send to I can send them there and they they can be reshipped….

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