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I’ve begun to collect emails for a very low volume email list. The updates will feature currently available seeds, cuttings & live plants in the nursery (live plants are only available locally). Occasionally, I will also list tours, classes, wine-tastings and useful links that are happening locally at either Beyond Vineyard or Driftless Sacred Grove. I’ll be using MailChimp for this list which is a quite secure platform with easy to unsub options.

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4 thoughts on “Driftless Sacred Grove nursery listings in your email

  1. I would like to purchase more fig cuttings this spring. The ones I bought last spring did well except for the Desert King and that was my fault. Do you have a list of your different figs and will you still offer them by mail?

  2. Hi, I too am interested in this list, but only see one from 2015 here? I signed up for updates, but is this list sent separately via email? Thanks much!

  3. The posts on the website will duplicate the emails that get sent out. The one caveat is that everything I sell is limited so when listings run out of stock, I make a note to the website post. I should have the first email/newsletter going out next week.

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