CUTTINGS ($10 minimum, minimum of 3 of any cultivar + shipping)

Available March till May 15th of the year

elderberry ($2/per)- Nova, Johns, Wyldewood, [out of stock: Bob Gordon, Adams]

grapes ($2/per)- Kay Gray, St Croix, Sabrevois, Prairie Star, Lacrosse, St Pepin, Bluebell, Trollhaugen , Fredonia

currants ($2/per)
black- Consort, Ben Sarek, Titania, Brodtorp, Crusader,  Blackdown, Chernaya Lisovenko [out of stock: Minaj Smyreu]
red- Rovada [out of stock: Cherry Red, Wilder, Crandall]
white- [out of stock: Imperial White]
jostaberries [out of stock]

hardy kiwi ($2/per)
arguta female- Geneva 2, Kickapoo, Ananasnaya
arguta male- Meader, 74-32
kolomikta female- Krupnoplodnaja, September,  [out of stock: Red Beauty, Pautske]
kolomikta male- Arctic Beauty

figs ($4/per)- Alma, Desert King, Conadria, Green Ischia. English Brown Turkey, Atreano, Black Jack, Black Mission,  Strawberry Verte, LSU Gold, Celeste,  Oregon Honey, Everbearing, Kadota [out of stock: blue celeste, hardy chicago]

willows ($1/per)- curly, shining (salix lucida), weeping, biomass, pussy willow (salix discolor), blue arctic, peach leaf (salix amygdaloides),  green basket, silky (salix sericea) [out of stock: german white basket]

SCIONWOOD (Needs to be grafted on compatible rootstock)

mulberry scionwood ($2/per)- Illinois Everbearing

crabapple scionwood ($2/per)- Whitney

pear scionwood ($2/per)- Ayers aka Sugar Pear, Kieffer, Summercrisp [out of stock: Honeysweet, Clara Frijs ]

perry pears scionwood ($2/per)- Barland, [out of stock: Hendre Huffcap]


All cuttings and scionwood are dormant unrooted cuttings.  They will either need to be rooted or grafted.

Email fermentation@beyondvineyard.com with your wants, as individual varieties run out.  I will invoice you via PayPal or pay by check.

11 thoughts on “2015 CUTTINGS FOR SALE

  1. Can I just plant the kiwi, currents, and elderberry in the ground and they will root?

  2. Bruce, these are unrooted cuttings. They need to first be rooted. If you do a search on the internet, there’s many articles explaining how to do it. Anyone can root currants and elderberries. Kiwis are a bit more difficult, requiring humidity and bottom heat.

  3. hi, im interest with the fig cuttings,

    can you shipping it to Indonesia?

    do you accept PayPal?


  4. Hi.,

    Would you sell to me Fig Cuttings;

    ATREANO 4 nos
    LSU Gold 3 nos
    Oregon Honey 5 nos


  5. Useful plants, thanks for making them available at this price. I’m interested in currants, figs and kiwis.
    How do you suggest rooting the kiwis?

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